How to keep on top of your business blog writing

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Blogs are a fantastic way to show your potential customers who you are and what you do - but more importantly - how you solve their problems.


One big challenge that many blog writers have; is simply finding the time to do it.


Here’s how to keep on top of your business blog writing.


Decide how often you want to post

Quite commonly, people will post a blog onto a website and then share it on social media, once or twice a month.


If for example, you decide to post monthly, set aside a day each month, that you will do this.


You may say, the first Friday of every month, is my blog writing and sharing day.


Put this into your diary and try to keep to it.


Keep your content brief

It can be a challenge to find the time to write a detailed blog.


We’re all very busy people and we don’t have time to take in (initially) a great deal of information. A brief and helpful blog will therefore, probably be your best option.


Aim to keep your content to (say) 300-500 words.


You’ll always have the option to go deeper, when needed.


Structure your writing

Here is a simple writing structure you may like to use.


1: Headline and introduction – Identify their problem

Begin by identifying a key problem your best customer has - and that you can solve.


You may start with a headline such as:


Discover how to…

Five ways to…

How to ace your…

Make your… easier and quicker

End worries about…

Solve the headache of….


That type of thing.


2: Give helpful tips and advice

Aim to make life easier for your reader, by sharing some helpful ‘how to’ tips and advice.


You may include statistics or links to other helpful website pages.  


Ideally, you'll want your reader to start to think, ‘Wow, these people really understand my challenges. They clearly can help. I really must speak to them.’


3: Show that you’re ready to help + add your call to action

It's all about showing your reader that your organisation has the perfect solution for them.


Finish off with your call to action – adding something which will encourage them to start a conversation with you.


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