Five killer timesavers when copywriting

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When I deliver copywriting training, we talk a great deal about speeding up the process.


The challenge is of course, to do this, but without compromising on quality.


Here are five ways to save time when you’re copywriting.


1: Limit your time

If you say to yourself, ‘I’ve only got 30 minutes to write this piece,’ then it’s very likely that you will do this.


Personally, I start by writing what I call a ‘GFD’ version.


GFD stands for ‘Good First Draft’ - so I simply get a good (basic) first draft down on the page, make sure it reads coherently and ticks the box.


I’ll then park this and come back to it later.


Try this and you’ll probably find that your ‘GFD’ is OK, but lacks a little elegance.


You can then go back through it and smarten it up.


This stops you going over and over a piece of writing, endlessly tweaking and correcting.


2: Limit your wordcount

Remember that your reader(s) will be very time poor and will want the information quickly and succinctly.


Being tough with yourself and limiting your wordcount, will help you get your message across.


3: Say it out loud

If you are unhappy with what you’re writing (especially if you’re overwriting or drying up), simply turn away from the keyboard and pretend that you’re talking to an audience.


Say out loud exactly what you want to say, then turn back to your keyboard, type it in, and read it back.


You’ll find that you are not too far off from saying what you want to say.


You can then polish and improve.


4: Dictate it

Following on from the above, you may not be aware of it, but I’m not actually typing this in; I’m dictating it.


There are a number of dictation software options available and the one I bought included a microphone headset. Once plugged in and set up, this transcribes what I’m saying out loud and puts it up on the screen.


Clever huh? It saves so much time.


5: Relax your writing style

Finally, when we sit down to write business copy, it is very easy to get buttoned up and be very formal.


It is much nicer for the reader when we just talk to them.


So, allow yourself to relax your writing style and (where appropriate) use simple and even chatty language. Just ensure it meets the needs of your organisation’s tone of voice and your audience.


That’s it

I’ve got even more copywriting timesaving tips, but that’ll probably do for now.


Good luck and do remember to enjoy your writing.


Oh, and here’s the mention for Clarify Copywriting… If you are pushed for time and you’d like someone to take the weight off (or you would like those extra timesaving tips), do remember that we are here help.


Simply email or call 01386 830036, and we can have a chat.