Copywriting secrets – Questions you must ask when using a freelancer

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OK, so you’re a busy marketing professional, business owner or creative agency.


You need some help and you need to commission a savvy, freelance copywriter.


Here are some questions you should ask them - and what you need to know.


Do their words leap off the page?

Is their content so easy to read that it simply falls off the page and into your brain?


Or do you find yourself having to read some of it more than once?


Also, does it get the key points across quickly?


Good writing should be easy to read, charming and informative.


Can they get under the skin of your customers?

Do they have an embedded ability to really understand, not just you and your business, but the problems your customers have and how you solve them?


Marketing and promotional content should always show how a business supports its customers.


Can they both funk it up and simplify it?

A good copywriter should be able to complement your in-house writing style.


So, do they have the ability to write cool and funky lifestyle copy but also take complex technical information and make it engaging and readable?


Ask to see a good mix of writing examples (including of course, some relating to your business sector).


Do they have lots of cracking testimonials?

Ask to see them.


Do they offer other services?

Do they do copywriting training? Do they provide translation services? Do they have the ability to take your existing copy and proofread it or rewrite it?


Support services such as these should be in the mix.


That’s about it

Oh, hang on a minute. We’ve not mentioned price!


We’ve not mentioned price until now, because we’re guessing that for you, this is not the most important factor.


You just need to know that the invoice you’ll receive, will be appropriate for the work done.


Do however, ask about charges upfront and also about payment terms and any contracts.


Free content tips

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