Hit your marketing targets with support from a freelancer

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If you’re a Marketing Manager or business owner, you’ll have a lot on your plate.


There is always another production deadline to meet and another target to hit.


What’s more, there are so many lead generation tools and channels available these days, knowing what will be most effective (and the most cost-effective) can be a challenge.


Here are five reasons why flexible freelance marketing support will help you achieve your aims.


1: You’ll have a senior professional on your side

How would it feel if you had a skilled marketing director on your side for perhaps one or two days each week - or for just a few hours a month?


They’ll work with you, act as a coach and a sounding board and help you make good judgements.


2: They can pick up tasks and get them done

An experienced freelancer can pick up marketing work tasks with little or no briefing - and get them done.


You will therefore be able to achieve so much more, but still be in control.


3: You’ll tap into fresh, creative energy

New energy from a freelancer will uplift your creativity and open the doors to some fresh ideas.


4: They’ll check all the detail

You’ll have an extra person (with a keen eye for detail) who can check that everything’s correct.


5: It’s cost-effective

An experienced marketing freelancer will give you all the above benefits with a real return on investment, but without the added cost and responsibilities of putting someone on the books as a contracted employee.


Simple and effective

If you are a busy SME owner or Marketing Manager, Clarify Communications is here to help.


We can put a professional and strategic marketing consultant into your business to work alongside you.


This can be on an interim or part-time basis.


Like some support? Like someone to take the weight off? Then call Adrian Barradell on 01386 830036 and we can have a chat about what you’re aiming to achieve.


The email is abclarify@gmail.com