How to review your marketing content in 60 seconds

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OK, here’s how to review your marketing content in 60 seconds (and also how to start the process to improve it).


1: Grab some of your printed marketing materials or log onto your website (10 seconds).


2: Glance at the amount of writing on the page and ask yourself – is it easy to read? (10 seconds).


3: Read some of it and see if it talks about you and what you do or if it talks about your customers and shows them how you help them? (30 seconds).


4: Take 10 seconds to decide if you want to make improvements or not.


Talk about them – not you

Your wording should be easy to read and tell your customers how you make their lives easier.


Look out for example, for too much use of the word ‘we’ and ensure the customer benefit is clear.


Here to help

Clarify Communications is here to help you focus your marketing on your potential customers and address their needs.


We’re also here to take the weight off, when it comes to your workload.


If you are a marketing manager or a business owner and you’d like some help, call us on 01386 830036 (another 10 seconds perhaps!).


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