Three phrases that forge great business relationships

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In business, it is really important that we communicate effectively.

We all try to forge the best business relationships we can but despite this, it is still very easy to see situations from our own perspective.

To communicate well, it is always a good idea to pause and try and see a situation from the other person’s point of view.

Here are a few phrases to help you do this.


1: Understanding
A great way to start is to say, ‘Let me see if I can understand this from your side.’

Most people will give you the opportunity to respond and, if you are able to do so, you can then follow up with, ‘Thank you. May I now feedback from my perspective and see if we can agree a way forward?’

Again, most people will respond in a positive way.


2: Agreeing
You can also say (quite simply), ‘Help me understand...’

This is a great phrase to use if you ever find yourself in a situation of conflict.

An example may be:

'Help me understand why you have not been able to pay the invoice.'

It really is a phrase that keeps the conversation open, so that you can then move towards a resolve.


3: Complementing
Another positive way to communicate in business is to say to someone, ‘You seem to have a really good handle on this. Can I pick your brains?’

Most people respond well when complemented and asked a question in this way.

Do remember to conclude with, ‘Thank you, that was really helpful. Now, how can I help you?’


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