How to get the most out of your marketing training day

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We all know that it is good business practise to improve your core knowledge and skills with training.

This can be online training or classroom based.


Best benefit

But how can you ensure you get the very best benefit from taking time out and investing in training?

Try to adopt a simple ‘before, during and after’ process.



Start by ensuring that you book yourself on to the right course to close your skill gaps.

Where within your business or role are struggling?

Where would you like to improve efficiencies?

Where would you like additional background knowledge and understanding?

Try to get very clear answers to these questions and then match your needs to an available course.

If in doubt, contact the person or organisation running the training, tell them what you are looking and ask them if your needs will be covered.



It’s very easy to join a training event and then come away with copious notes or a very full workbook, that you never look at it again.

Is much more effective to take limited notes and just capture the most important detail.



When you’re back at work, identify a small number of improvement actions that you will be able to take, day in and day out.

Make these real and achievable.

This only may be changing, one, two or three things within your daily approach.

Clarify Communications

As a part of our marketing strategy and delivery support for business owners and marketing managers, we deliver a range of supportive skills training.

This includes training in copywriting and proofreading, presenting and public speaking, social media and PR and media.

This is training for individuals or teams (as well as mixed group sessions) and we can come to you or find a neutral venue.


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