The secret of marketing in just 13 words

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OK, this blog clearly promises you, ‘the secret of marketing in just 13 words’ so… here it is.

Try something. If it works, do it again. If it doesn’t work, don’t.

That’s basically it and this is something that a 30+ year career in marketing and PR has taught me!


So how do we actually apply this?

We all have available to us what I like to call the ‘marketing palette.’

Think of an artists’ palette as the metaphor.

On your marketing pallet you have all the things you could do to promote your organisation.

This includes social media, websites, blogs, ad-words, e-shots, paid for magazine advertising and advertorial, media PR, printed brochures, leaflets and postcards, telemarketing, going to networking events, speaking at events, snail mail campaigns, trade stands at exhibitions, etc.

And like an artists’ palette, some of the colours will be bright and eye-catching, others will be understated but give more depth.

You can invest your hard-earned pennies in any of them to see if they get your message across and bring in business.


How do I know where to start?

The best way to start with your marketing is to take time to understand as much as possible, your audience.

What, for example will catch their eye and are they most likely to welcome and respond to?

When you have a good idea of your audience and what it is they like, it’s then usually worth trying a number of the most applicable pallet options.


Score and choose

Then, by a process of measuring, scoring and elimination (a good CRM system will help you here) you can see what has worked best and therefore what should be dropped and what should be repeated.


Clarify Communications can help

If you’d like any further help with this, do remember that here at Clarify Communications our marketing support is just perfect for busy marketing managers and busy business owners.

We become the ongoing marketing consultant for our clients, sitting alongside them and the business and keeping everything on track.

If you think that would be of interest, please do email or call 01386 830036 for more details.