Why kindness is a key word in business communication

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I read recently that kindness to others, is good for one’s health.


Did you know that when we undertake an act of kindness, Oxytocin is created in our brains?


Apparently, Oxytocin makes us feel secure and (not surprisingly) this makes us feel pretty good. It’s a bit like Serotonin, which is another ‘feel good’ chemical that our brains generate.


How amazing is that?


Kind communications

If being kind makes us feel good, that is a very convincing reason to be kind.


The more we can communicate; reach out, be kind and considerate and give ‘no-commitment’ help and support to our colleagues, clients and prospects, the more we build trust within our professional relationships.


One way, that we try to do this

Here at Clarify Communications, we try to be kind in business and as a part of this, we offer a free 45mins to 1hr ‘copy chat.’


We love helping people by looking at their words and language and seeing if we can come up with some tips and advice.


If you’d like to book one of these sessions (there really is, no cost or commitment) then please email - abclarify@gmail.com


We’d love to hear from you and our brains are very pickable.