Why an authentic business voice is best

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When it comes to business words and copywriting, it can be very easy to be rather formal and correct, even buttoned up.


Sure, we want to communicate professionally, but it is also important to use an authentic voice.


Remember, people do business with people, and not with faceless organisations.


Be human. Be honest

So, what is an ‘authentic’ voice?


Well, it’s all about being human and honest.


When it comes to writing your marketing copy, here’s a few examples to play with:


Let’s say you need some website content for your About us page. You will want to show that your business is trusted, that you deliver a quality service, and that you do a first-class job.


However, rather than saying, ‘We provide a premium service and we have many client testimonials to prove it.’  How about saying, ‘We’ve worked hard to get this service right and now we’ve absolutely aced it. What’s more, we are delighted that many of our clients are shouting from the rooftops, about how good it is?’


Or, rather than saying, ‘We are proud to be an award-winning business.’ How about saying, ‘We are proud of what we do. However, the awards that we’ve won really have been the icing on the cake?’


Let’s try another one.


Rather than saying, ‘Our team is here to take your call and meet all your requirements.’ How about saying, ‘Remember, we’re always here for you. You probably know Molly, Jack, Katie and Mark but if not, they’re just a phone call away and here to help?’


It’s all about moving away from dry corporate speak and instead, having warm and real conversations.


We can help

Clarify Communications Limited provides a professional copywriting and proofreading service.


Email Adrian via abclarify@gmail.com and we can have a chat about the people you’d like to connect to, what you’d like them to know, and what you’d like them to do.