Need to write blogs? Four questions to ask before you start

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If you are tasked with writing blogs for your organisation, here are five handy questions to ask before you start.


1: Am I going to be talking about me – or talking about them?

Ideally, you need to talk about ‘them’.


Effective blog writing is all about giving your reader (your target customer) information that helps them.


When they have read your blog, you want your reader to think, ‘Wow. This content is just right for me. These people really understand my problems and they can help. I must speak to them.’


Case studies may be the place, where you talk more about ‘you’.


2: Am I giving general information - or am I targeting my content?

Focus on the business sector or audience you are writing for.


You can even write blogs targeting specific job titles. I could have written here for example, ‘Four blog writing tips for Marketing Managers’. Instead, I made this a bit more generic.


Ok, let’s say for example that you are a gym and you’re targeting new customers (individuals who want to lose weight and get fit). For this audience, you may write blogs such as:


How to kick-start your health and fitness - when it feels overwhelming.

What questions should I ask, when looking for a gym to join?

Getting started with fitness kit? What not to buy.

Struggling with diet and nutrition? Take these three starter-steps to slim.


I hope you agree that these blogs would show how the gym owner can help people with the specific aim of losing weight and getting fit.


3: How much time has my reader got?

We’re all very busy people and we don’t have the time to take in (initially) a great deal of information.


A brief and helpful blog will probably be your best option, so aim to keep your content to (say) 300-500 words.


4: What is my call to action going to be?

Ensure you include a call to action. Here’s mine:


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