Business owners - What is your brand and is it consistently delivered?

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So, what is your brand?


I’m sure you would agree that your brand is much more than your logo, fonts, colours and graphics.

To put it simply, everything that you and your people do, represents your brand.

It’s what people ‘experience.’


Your brand is:

  1. How your people treat people - the way they work, how they respond, the language they use, how they present themselves and the clothes they wear
  2. Your working environments - how they look and how they are used
  3. Your buildings and carparks
  4. Your vehicles (and how they’re driven!).


And much, much more.


Why is this important?
All of the above (and all the people involved) must represent your organisation in an appropriate way.

This is because your customers need to understand who you are, the service standards they will receive from you and also - that the service will be delivered consistently.


Brand review
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