Why ‘walking the dog’ will boost your marketing

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OK, this is why I am saying, we all need to walk the dog, to boost our marketing.


Have you ever taken a dog for walkies? It is probably very likely that you have.


Have you noticed that the cuteness of the dog will determine the length of your walk?


Quite simply, the cuter the pooch the higher the number of people that will engage you in conversation.


The cute equation is:

Walk by yourself – One or two ‘good mornings’ and brief conversations.

Walk with a dog – More conversations and longer ones too.

Walk with a very cute puppy – You’ll be out all day.


Why is this?

Well, we all appreciate human interaction but, we are also naturally nervous of stepping uninvited, into someone’s personal space.


We need an invitation or a reason, to do this.


Human marketing

Successful customer relationships are more likely to come from human connections rather than just giving out product and price information.


This is why we often see adverts and promotions with hardly any visual reference to the product on offer. Instead, we get a feel for people, place and lifestyle.


We need to invite people into our space and give them a reason to connect.


Let’s example this

Selling a kitchen? Talk about yummy food and the delicious recipes you love to cook.

Selling a holiday. Talk about an adventure you’ve taken or your most chilled getaway.

Selling house insurance? Talk about your home and how you make it a secure and happy place.

Selling dog food? Talk about the companionship and the fun walks that you have with your dog.


When we example a product or service with authentic experiences, we create real connections.


Quite simply, the more you can give people an excuse to connect, the more they’ll stop and talk.


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