How to write convincing case studies (and quickly too)

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Case studies are a great way to show your potential customers what you do and how you can make a positive difference to their organisation.


Writing them however, can be a challenge.


All too often people struggle to find the time to put together case studies, and they can also be overwritten.


The rule of thumb is to succinctly tell people what they need to know, and then back this up with a positive quote.


The case study format we prefer here at Clarify Communications Ltd (and one that our clients like too) is to simply outline:


1: Your client

The name and location of your client and a few lines about what they do.


2: The challenge they had

The problem or aim they had and why they came to you.


3: The difference you made

What you did to solve their problem (or meet their aim) including the challenges you overcame and the timescale. Detail the ‘before and after’ difference you made, including some financial figures, if available.


4: A testimonial quote

Finish with a brief quote from a senior company spokesperson, singing your praises.


That’s it

This simple format enables you to show what you did, and how this moved the business forward.


We can do it for you

If you’d like some help, Clarify Communications Ltd / Clarify Copywriting provides a full case study writing service.


We’ll contact your client on your behalf, write the case study, get it signed off, and then submit it ready for your website and social media.


They typically cost, just £99 each.


To find out more, email and we’ll give you a call.