Tips to help Marketing Managers achieve communications clarity

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I’m Adrian Barradell and my company is called Clarify Communications.


To ‘clarify’ is, of course, the process of clarification, and I help people make clear, human and memorable business connections.


I’d like to share a few tips, to help you achieve clarity within your communications.


1: Understand your audience

Whether B2B or B2C, always be clear about who you are aiming to communicate with.


The more you know about your intended audience and the challenges and problems they have, the more you can shape your communications to meet their needs.


And following on from this…


2: Try to avoid being ‘all things to all people’

The more you can step away from ‘we’re here for everyone’ messaging and show that you help a specific audience, the more likely it is that these people will come back and connect with you.


3: Be consistent

Be consistent in your messaging (who you are, what you do, your audience and the benefit you bring).


Do remember, the majority of people will receive some, but not all of your communications. Therefore, whilst you may vary refresh your content and style as you go along, ensure your core messages are always included and consistent.


4: Keep it brief

Don’t bombard people with too much information. Keep it (on the whole) straightforward and brief.


5: Be human

Try not to be too cold or ‘business-like.’


People communicate with people and not with faceless organisations; so the more human and personal you can be, the better.


6: Be helpful

Aim to be helpful too.


If you can be helpful and kind in the way that you communicate, people are much more likely to respond and want to make a genuine connection with you.


7: Limit your platforms

Finally, don’t post, distribute and bombard generally and instead, focus on where your customers can be found. You’ll probably do a bit of homework on this.


When it comes to social media, for example, focus on the platforms your customers use. When it comes to events, go to the events they are at. When it comes to publications, seek coverage in the publications they read.


Once again, it’s all about focusing your comms on the people you want to connect to and shaping your content for them.


That’s it

Good luck and remember, keep that clarity!


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