How to come up with ideas for your blogs and content

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Are you involved in marketing or content writing?


Do you ever find yourself short of ideas for your next blog or update?


Here’s how to come up with great content ideas - and make memorable customer connections.


1: Support your customers

You need to make sure that your blogs and posts serve and support your customers.


The idea is to post content that examples your expertise and shares useful information - and therefore makes life easier for your customers and potential customers. You need to ask yourself, ‘What are the problems and challenges that my customers face - and what can I share, that will help them overcome these?’


Giving out tips and advice is a great way to do this.


2: Match this support to your business offer

You now need to match this to your products and services.


Let’s says you are (and this is fairly random) a fitness coach who runs a gym, offers personal training and sells fitness and wellbeing products. On your website you may offer one-to-one personal training, promote membership at your gym and offer sports equipment, sports clothing and nutritional aids.


What therefore are the problems and challenges that your potential customers face?


It’s possible that they are someone who feels overweight, believes that they have a poor diet - and would now like to get slimmer and fitter.


Blog/ content ideas for this audience may therefore be:


How to kickstart your health and fitness - when it feels overwhelming.

What questions should I ask, when looking for a gym to join?

Getting started with fitness kit? What not to buy.

Struggling with diet and nutrition? Take these three starter-steps to slim.


I hope you agree that these blogs, would show how the gym owner:


A: Understands this target customer and the main challenge they face

B: Gives this target customer something that supports them

C: Promotes the products or services they have on offer.


Yep, that’s the basic idea.


We’re here to help too

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We hope you found this ‘blog about blogs’ useful but if you’re still short of ideas (or if you struggle to find time to write your content) - then that’s exactly what we’re here for.


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