Workload handling tips for busy marketing (and other) managers

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If you are employed in a senior role, you’re probably a very busy bee.


And like most business leaders, you probably have legions of deadlines and demands marching over the horizon.


It’s also likely, that previously, you will have looked into workload/ time management tips and strategies.


You may remember therefore, that when the ‘phone rings or a new piece of work drops into your inbox, you essentially have four ways that you can deal with it.


Let’s look at these four options.


Four responses

The four ways you can respond are:


Do it now (this is sometimes called Eat that Frog)
Diaries it
Delegate it
Dump it.


To guide you on this, each action you undertake must move you nearer to your overall team goal. If it does not, then it must be a ‘dump it.’


However, before we get to this, let’s look at the other three.


Do it now – This is a good idea if it’s a straightforward piece of work and it can be quickly done. This gets it off your desk and avoids yet another item being added to your to-do list.


Diarise it – This will often be your best bet because, when you add something into your diary, you can also allocate a finish time as well as a start time. Challenge yourself to squeeze your finish time down, so that when it comes to (let’s say) next Tuesday morning and you have to put together a PowerPoint for a presentation, you’ll have given yourself ‘30 minutes max’ to complete this.


Delegate it – Remember, this is why you have an in-house marketing team or the reason you use external freelancers. If you’re unsure about delegating, look again at the way you delegate and how you train and equip your people. Ensure they have the skills, tech, confidence and the agreement to readily take on whatever you want to give them.


You can also delegate up and sideways; as well as down!


Dump it – If, as above, you do decide to bin something, this will be because it does not meet your overall goal. If you feel uncomfortable about doing this, remember that you can feed this reason back to the person requesting the work.


Further, with our dump it/ bin it option, it is always a good idea to take a little care. If for example one of your delivery strategies is, ‘building great relationships with the right people’, when someone asks you to take on a piece of work and you’ve decided it’s not beneficial, you can still seek ways to use this request and this connection for mutual benefit.


Don’t be alone

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