Why testimonials are an essential part of your marketing mix

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There are many, many different ingredients that can be added to your marketing mix.


It’s all about choosing the most engaging and the most direct tools and platforms.


I always recommend that testimonials are included.


Testimonials are an essential part of your marketing mix because they are a deeply convincing way to prove that you deliver the goods.


And when you have a service user or a product buyer singing your praises, this really encourages others to take a look.


A very easy way to gather testimonials, is to ask a user or a client to put together a few positive lines for you, and then post their response as either a LinkedIn recommendation or as a Google review (or even better, as both).


You can then take their kind words and then re-post them on your website or use them on other marketing platforms.


Here at Clarify Communications I’m wonderfully proud of all the feedback I’ve received.


Here are three example testimonials and recommendations:


"Trust is paramount to me and Adrian gained my trust very quickly with his integrity, manner and the quality of the work." Alan Clark, MD, Exponential Coaching


"I couldn’t recommend Adrian highly enough. He listened to what we needed and delivered a solution that met our needs." Justin Lawrence, Director, Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings Ltd. 


"I knew I’d be in good hands with Adrian and it is no exaggeration to say that he absolutely aced it." Darren Wilkins, Director, City Signs


Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me over the years.


If you’d like marketing and copywriting support from Clarify Copywriting and Clarify Communications; please do let me know. My main email is – abclarify@gmail.com