How to write blogs that start customer conversations

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So how do we go about writing blogs that start those all-important conversations with our potential customers?


We recommend a fairly simple process, based on the following three steps.


1: Begin by listing your services and products.


2: Write down the best people (your target customers) that these services or products are designed to help.


By this we mean, the business sector, the type of business and even the most likely job title of the individual within that business.


You may come up with just two or three of these ‘profiles’, to begin with.


3: Now detail the business problems and headaches that these people have and that your services or products solve.


Identifying these will give you your titles and content.


What for example, are the biggest challenges that your target customers face? What do they worry about when they are driving into work? What keeps them awake at night? What do they need to show their bosses at the end of the month?


The more you understand their needs, the more you can show them how you help.


Blog titles they’ll just have to read!

When it comes to your blogs, you may therefore, use titles such as:


Five ways to make your …………… faster and more efficient


How to cut your …………… costs


Do you struggle with …………...? These quick tips take the pain away


How to ensure you never …………… again


Worried about ……………? Try these simple tips


The secrets of …………… that all …………….’s need to know


Sharing expertise

Doing this does mean that to some extent, you will be giving your expertise away for free; but basically, you want your prospects to read your content and think, ‘Wow, these people can help me and solve my headaches. I really need to speak to them.’


Share across different platforms

Once you have your blogs posted on your website, you can then use them to fuel all your marketing channels, including your social media.


Blog writing support

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We even come up with all the ideas.


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