How to simplify your copywriting

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Here at Clarify Copywriting we believe that simplicity is the key to writing copy that attracts and engages your audience.


But how do you write simply and efficiently without coming across as patronising or twee?


This blog shares a few tips to help ensure that your writing, while still sparkling, does not over complicate.



Write how you speak

Writing that reads like a conversation is the most effective tool for building a connection with your reader.


The easiest way to achieve this is to take yourself off somewhere private (you could do it in public but you are likely to attract some stares…) and read your drafted copy out loud.


Does it sound like something you would say to a friend? Does it contain a combination of long and short sentences?


If so, you are on the right track.


If it sounds strained or confusing, give it another go.



Simple words rule

We have already published a blog on this topic ( but it bears repeating — your copy will be more accessible if you use direct, simple language.



Get to the point!

We have all written what we believe to be the perfect copy, only to realise it is far too long.


We then read it back, and getting rid of any of these lovingly crafted sentences becomes like choosing which of your most prized possessions to set fire to. But remember, no one else has read these words, so no one but you will ever miss them if they’re not there.


And if your copy still makes sense with a sentence removed, it probably wasn’t quite as vital as you thought it was anyway!



Help’s here!

We hope you found these tips useful.


If you need any further help with incorporating KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid – not that we think you are stupid!) into your writing, do remember that Clarify Copywriting is always here to give free copywriting advice via –